Awakening is being the most at home within yourself

“Awakening is being the most at home within yourself, though it is sometimes uncomfortable, and you feel like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, over and over again,… mlt 91218”

                 Kryon Primer: Ch1
Realizing your own spirituality. Truth is relative to your life path. Core Truth is that God is in the center of every ATOM.
      God is the true source of all Energy.
             ABC’s of Awakening
      Welcome to your new Universe
Awakening is being at your favorite place in the world, and having the best time of your life, knowing everyone else is doing the same at their favorite place, yet each is having a totally different experience. (Maybe they are not awakened yet, and they are still living a 3D life, unaware of their true potential.)
Everyone experiences things differently, because each path is unique, like an individual line and space on the web of life.
As the spider weaves a fresh web each morning,.. each day is a new opportunity and a new adventure with challenges to move furthur along your path.
YOUR Yellow Brick Road. Where are you headed? What is your true purpose? Follow your passions and natural gifts… they are the fruits of your harvest. When are you most bountiful.
When you have a path, that serves others ahead of yourself, you are filled with Christ Light, you are awakened to your true purpose.
All IS already within you, when you connect to the Energy of God.
You are always connected to Love and God is your true home, within yourself. When you are connected to God within you, when you connect your intentions to your path, you are cosmically unstoppable.
Channeling of Yellow Feather… mt 9/12/18)
“One Truth:
God is the true source of all Energy.

God is in the center of every ATOM.” Kryon (Kryon speech)